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Oboshor: Senior Citizen Health Care and Hospitality Complex at Sreemangal, Sylhet Division
Project Information
Project Name:
Oboshor: Senior Citizen Health Care and Hospitality Complex at Sreemangal, Sylhet Division
Social Health and Welfare Service
Ministry of Social Welfare
Implementing Agency:
Srimongol, Moulvi Bazar
Estimated Capital Cost:
< $6m
> $500m
Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs approved the project on 4 September, 2012.
The evolution of the population structure of Bangladesh is driven by decreasing mortality, increasing life expectancy and progress towards a more sustainable fertility. Given these characteristics the proportion of the population aged 60 years and above is expected to increase from 6% (2006) to 17% by 2050 and Bangladesh’s aged dependency ratio (retirees as a proportion of total labor force) is expected to rise from 6% (2010) to 15% by 2050.

These trends are likely to exacerbate the existing challenges that are being faced by the elderly population. The elderly are in dire need of health and care services given the changing lifestyle and work environment and the greater global mobility of workforce is changing the traditional family system. Furthermore the health care system is overburdened as there is no dedicated health care facility for senior citizens.

To address this concern the Government of Bangladesh, through the Ministry of Social Welfare are piloting a project to be implemented under a PPP modality for the provision of health care and ancillary services aimed for the elderly. Successful delivery of this project will enable Government to consider replicating this project in different parts of Bangladesh.

The site for the proposed project is located near the Balishira Tea Garden at Srimongol in Moulvi Bazar. The project site is over 5 acres of land and is under the ownership of the ministry, with close access to the road and rail infrastructure.
  1. To help remedy the lack of specialized care facilities for the elderly and offer complementary health care services to address chronic illness and long term conditions of the senior citizens in Bangladesh.
  2. To help pilot a commercially viable business model for delivering health care services to the elderly on a PPP basis.
Project Scope:
The design, construction, operation and maintenance of a long term health care complex for senior citizens on a PPP basis. The project will include a long term care facility, a secondary care facility dedicated to the general and geriatric care, ancillary services such as nursing at home, workshops and training for the elderly, Alzheimer’s care, ambulance services and other services.
Project Implementation Period:
2012 - 2015
CP Stage (Implementation Phase)
CCEA approved (In Principle) on 04 September, 2012
Contract signed with Private Partner on 04 December, 2017
Private Partner: Universal Medical College and Hospital Limited

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