Public Private Partnership Office



The PPP Technical Assistance Fund will be established to provide early stage project development funding support to sanctioned PPP projects. The PPPTAF will help defray the cost of professional consultants and advisors needed to assure the government achieves appropriate risk allocation in PPP projects and pre-develops projects to a standard that attracts maximum interest from investors and lenders.

Guideline for PPPTAF 2012 & Scheme for PPPTAF 2012


The Viability Gap Fund, or VGF, will provide supplementary government financing to projects that the PPP Unit deems economically vital to the public interest but that may not be fully financially viable on a commercial basis. VGF monies can be used to share the up-front cost of a project or provided on an annual basis to effectively subsidize PPP project costs.

Guideline for VGF for PPP Project, 2012


The Bangladesh Infrastructure Finance Fund Limited, or BIFFL, was incorporated by the Ministry of Finance in 2011 to provide long-term financing in local currency to infrastructure projects that meet BIFFL's investment criteria. BIFFL seeks to attract investment from both institutional and retail investors (including non-resident Bangladeshis and overseas foreign workers) to provide an alternative savings/investment vehicle in the Bangladesh market. BIFFL is managed independently following objective investment criteria.


  • APMG PPP certification Program - Practitioner Level

    Date: 15-19 April 2019
    Venue: PPP Authoriy, Dhaka

  • Chief Advisor of the Global Capacity Building and Consultancy Limited visited the PPP Authority

    Date: 17 February 2019
    Venue: PPP Authoriy, Dhaka

  • Chairman of Universal Medical College Hospital visited to PPP Authority

    Date: 11 February 2019
    Venue: PPP Authoriy, Dhaka

  • CEO of the PPP Authority Visited the PPP Project “Hemodialysis Centre at NIKDU”

    Date: 4 February 2019
    Venue: NIKDU, Dhaka

  • Training on APMG Certified PPP Professional Foundation Stage

    Date: 14-17 January, 2019
    Venue: PPP Authoriy, Dhaka

PPP Law, 2015
PPP Screening Manual
PPP Project Proposal Form