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Development of Dost Textile Mills Site at Feni, Bangladesh through Public-Private Partnership (PPP)
Project Information
Project Name:
Development of Dost Textile Mills Site at Feni, Bangladesh through Public-Private Partnership (PPP)
Ministry of Textiles & Jute
Implementing Agency:
Bangladesh Textile Mills Corporation (BTMC)
Ranir Haat, Feni
Estimated Capital Cost:
< $6m
> $500m
Bangladesh Textile Mills Corporation (BTMC) was Established by virtue of the President Order no. 27, 1972 under Ministry of Textile and Jute. It started with 74 Nationalized Mills & established another 12 mills under ADP during 1975-85. Due to globalization/free market economy the government had to de-nationalize 65 mills during 1977-2010. Till date, 23 Mills exist with the BTMC at several prime zones around the country. However, most of them are not making the profit the way they could’ve. Recently, BTMC has taken steps to attract local and foreign investors to establish modern Textile mills through PPP.

Dost Textile Mills Ltd. located at Ranir Haat, Feni, was established in 1961. For the purpose of greater industrialization and mass employment BTMC expects to establish and rejuvenate the failing mill with joint venture and PPP. The total land area of the mill is 21.47 Acres. All the existing structure, if any machineries conditions are to be developed.
  • Deliver an economically viable project in an environmentally and socially responsible manner subject to applicable laws and regulations;
  • Derive best possible commercial utilization for the available land;
  • Develop a world-class project for BTMC in terms of advanced construction technologies, safety and security based on seismic design principles and ecologically sustainable green construction principles.
The project is in Development phase.
CCEA Approved (In Principle) on 20 December 2017

Sharifa Haque
Director (Finance)
Phone: +88 02 55007432
Public Private Partnership Authority
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