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Project Profile (Updated: 1 September 2020)

Dhaka-Chittagong Access Controlled Highway
Project Information
Project Name:
Dhaka-Chittagong Access Controlled Highway
Transport (Road)
Ministry of Communication
Implementing Agency:
Roads and Highway Department (RHD)
Dhaka to Chittagong
Estimated Capital Cost:
< $6m
> $500m
Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs approved the project on 11 March, 2013.
Dhaka and Chittagong are the two major metropolitan areas of Bangladesh. Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, is the main commercial and administrative centre of the country and Chittagong, the main seaport, accounts for over 90% of the country’s import and export. Around 25% of the population of Bangladesh lives within the Dhaka – Chittagong corridor.

Currently road communication between the two major cities is served by the 231km 2 lane Dhaka – Chittagong National Highway (N1), which can be considered to be the most important highway and the lifeline of commerce in Bangladesh. It is also part of the Trans-Asian Highway network. However, the road traffic on this route is severely hampered because of the lack of capacity of the existing highway and the load restrictions of bridges; with journeys taking around 10 hours due to the congestion of the road. The road also suffers from poor road safety records because of the lack of segregation between local and national traffic and between motorized and non-motorized traffic.

The Government of Bangladesh has prioritized the improvement of road communications between Dhaka and Chittagong as part of the country’s sixth five year plan (2011-2015) and has initiated the Dhaka-Chittagong Access Controlled Expressway project as a key component of its overall development program.
To enhance and ensure safer and more reliable road communications between Dhaka and Chittagong.
Project Scope:
Design, build, finance, operate, maintain a 4 lane access controlled expressway between Dhaka and Chittagong on a PPP basis.
Project Implementation Period:
2013 - 2017
Transaction Advisor:
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)
Project Development Stage - Detailed Feasibility Study Ongoing

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