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Dhaka Outer Ring Road PPP Project
Project Information
Project Name:
Dhaka Outer Ring Road PPP Project
Transport (Road)
Road Transport and Highways Division
Implementing Agency:
Roads and Highways Department
Estimated Capital Cost:
< $6m
> $500m
Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs approved the project on September 2019.
Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh is the largest city of the country. Its estimated population is about 18 million which is increasing day by day. The road network in Dhaka is inadequate to cope with increasing traffic resulting in huge traffic congestion inside the city particularly in week days. To facilitate the growing traffic, the government has already implemented a number of projects including construction of new roads and widening of existing ones. Also, projects like Elevated Expressway and Metro Rail are being implemented to facilitate mass transit within the city destinations. But it is afraid that all these projects will not be able to significantly improve the traffic situation as was the case with the flyovers in Dhaka city. The influx of traffic from outside Dhaka to go to other destinations contributes significantly to the city traffic congestion. It is feared that, the situation will be further aggravated when the Padma Bridge would be opened to traffic. Anticipating the future scenario, the Revised Strategic Transport Plan (RSTP) in 2015 suggested a Concept of 3 Rings and 8 Radials to reduce through traffic and disperse incoming & outgoing traffic, and to support the development of an optimal urban environment.
The overall objectives of the Project are as follows:
a. To reduce through traffic and disperse incoming and outgoing traffic.
b. To reduce congestion through rational use of road.
c. To ease the transportation through radial connectivity.
d. To increase the use of multi-modal transportation.
e. To support the development of an optional urban environment by creating independent urban spheres through the connection of core centers.
Project Scope:
Design, construct, operate and maintain the extension of a 2-lane highway into a 4-lane highway incorporating a footpath on either site of the road, embankment and bridge structures.
Timing (tentative):
2024 - 2026
The project is under development phase has done the detailed Feasibility Study.

Muhammad Muklesur Rahman
Director (Admin)
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