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National wide Non-intrusive inspection (NII) project under PPP
Project Information
Project Name:
National wide Non-intrusive inspection (NII) project under PPP
Customs modernization
Internal Resource Division (IRD)
Implementing Agency:
National Board of Revenue (NBR)
Custom Houses and Land customs stations (All over Bangladesh)
Estimated Capital Cost:
< $6m
> $500m
In the last 2 decades economic growth has exploded in Bangladesh through massive upsurge of exports resulting in expansion of imports mainly of machinery raw materials and consumer goods. The GOB resources and infrastructure have been heavily burdened with congestions bottlenecks at the ports resulting in delays and excessive rise in cost of doing business. A major effort has been undertaken to modernize Bangladesh customs to enable faster clearance of goods through custom points. Also in the fast- evolving international trading environment Bangladesh has been a party to various rule based on trading and security processes involving compliance and monitoring. These objectives are to be achieved through a modern customs entity using best practice in countrywide deployment of NII equipment deployment at all customs points for throughout of goods and international passengers, training of customs official and operation and maintenance of the equipment.

1. Countrywide introduction of container scanning system replacing manual inspection for identifying declared contraband goods.
2. Increasing the capacity of disposal of containers from the port, which will reduce the port container jam/ congestion and speed up the clearance through customs.
3. Implement Risk Management mechanism.
4. Effective and Efficient deployment of manpower.
5. to implement the provision of UNO port security requirements and those of major export trading partner namely USA through the
- The UN International Ship and Port Security Code (ISPS)
- The US Maritime Transport Security Act of 2002(MTSA)
- The US Container Security Initiative (CSI)
6. Increasing Government revenue collection through effective enforcement, monitoring and voluntary compliance.
7. Reduce human intervention and minimize cost of doing business.
Project Scope:
The project Proposed includes deployment of container scanner at all 12 gates of Chittagong port including refurbishing and upgrading of the 4 old machines which are nearing the end of their economic life. In addition to that, the sea ports of Mongla and Payra, the river port of Pangaon, Inland container deport at kamalapur, land ports at Benapole, Bhomra Sona Masjid,Hilli, Burimari Tamabil and Akhaura are to be quipped with X-ray container/Truck scanners. Similarly The international airports at Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet are to be equipped with X-ray Scanners for luggage and baggage inspection including Scanners for air freight as well as millimeter wave body scanners to screen passengers to detect gold, drugs and contraband smuggling. Electronic locks are proposed to secure transit conveyance for prevention of revenue leakage and to address security concerns.
Transaction Advisor:
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)
The project is in Development Phase.

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