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Construction of Multimodal Hub at Dhaka Railway Station, Kamalapur, Dhaka
Project Information
Project Name:
Construction of Multimodal Hub at Dhaka Railway Station, Kamalapur, Dhaka
Ministry of Railways
Implementing Agency:
Bangladesh Railway
Kamalapur, Dhaka

About 120,000 passengers use Dhaka Railway Station (Kamalapur) daily to avail 117 nos trains. According to Revised Strategic Transport Plan (RSTP) of Dhaka city, MRT Line 6: (Uttara to Motijheel) shall be extended to Kamalapur. Dhaka Elevated Expressway shall have connection with Kamalapur area through loops, MRT Line 1 (Airport to Kamalapur) needs to have proper integration required with Proposed infrastructure Development by transport hub where passengers and cargos, are exchanged between transport modes. At present there are different existing and proposed mode of transport around Kamalapur Railway Station. Along with conventional road and railways, MRT Line and high-speed railway are proposed. Therefore, this location requires an integrated hub to provide maximum comfort and convenience to users. BRT Line 3: Airport to Gazipur to be extended up to Kamalapur.


•   To provide exchange between transport modes for passengers and cargos.
•   To provide Information, ticketing, waiting area and security for passengers using the hub.
•   To facilitate passenger utilizing their free time between transports by taking food and shopping in retailing areas.
•   To provide Hotel and Office Spaces may with facilities for commercial and social interactions.
•   To boost in local job growth and regional prosperity, growing the airport employment area while facilitating more fine-grained, interconnected transit service
•   The proposed project will allow a private partner to develop a modern multi modal transport hub, which will:
1. Reduce traffic congestion.
2. Integrate different mode of transport.
3. Provide convenience to the passenger.


The project is in development phase, the TA doing the detailed feasibility study.
CCEA approved (In Principle) on 17 October 2018

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